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Our Family Research Services

Example:  Researching one ancestral line or surname, or researching military service (Civil or Revolutionary Wars) or Mayflower descendent (about 20 hours of work) @$30/hour = $600. 20% discount = $480 (1/2 payment in advance, ½ upon completion) (takes approximately 6-8 weeks) . GET COST ESTIMATE & GET STARTED!

  • Initial consultation by phone (free) to define your family research needs and interests

  • Time planning and tracking

  • Setting budget for resources – i.e. U.S. Census family research, vital records family research, Social Security administration family research, LDS Family History Library records, on-line databases, county, state and local records

  • Posting web inquiries to gather information from unknown relatives

  • Interviewing other members of the family

  • Family research on cemetery and burial records

  • Family research of school and church records

  • Travel to specific areas for family research may be arranged upon request

  • Copies of family research records and correspondence burned onto CD

Other Resources Available for Family Research:

Immigration records, ship manifests, naturalization records, draft and war records (WWI, WWII), international records (church, baptism, death, marriage) and translations.

A La Carte Family Research Rate:

$30/hour less than 20 hours; minimum of 10 hours.  Discount of 20% on blocks of 20 hour purchases.

Family Research Expenses (billed for reimbursement):

Copies $.15 per page.  Postage $15.00 for USPS Priority.

Translation Services
Italian Translation Online:

Translation of English to Italian or Italian to English family research documentation available at rate of $.10 per word.  Retainer of 50% required in advance. Minimum words to translate - 500 words. GET YOUR TRANSLATION SERVICE ESTIMATE

For a free family research consultation or Italian Translation Online of genealogy documents, contact us.

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