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Finding Family History – About Us

My Family Tree Search Mission

I am committed to helping you solve your unsolved family mysteries and making connections to family and friends you never knew you had.   I am also committed to bringing your family history alive, by finding unique stories in your background, so that your family’s story is not just about births and deaths!

I am here to help you find out more about your heritage, finding family history, so that you are aware of your background and you can be proud of where you came from.   I will help you put together your family tree search, and help you find the unique stories in your family which are part of who you are.

I have over 10 years experience finding family history using many resources, and my own family tree search has led me back to 1426 in France and 1726 in Russia.  I have also done research in Norway, Sweden, Italy, Germany, America, Canada, and England.  With a background in writing and communications, I bring increased attention to detail, and innovative creativity to my work with clients.

It is also important to me to deliver factual accurate information – there are a lot of resources on the web these days for finding family history, yet they are not necessarily accurate.  I only deliver information which I can assure you to be true.

I am very discreet and I know that every person’s story is unique.  As a family tree researcher, I know what to look for, and I strive to give you what you are seeking – knowledge and peace of mind.

Contact me today for your individualized family tree search and for new ways of finding family history. 


Please contact me today to start your family tree search. I look forward to finding family history for you. Contact me now!

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