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Genealogy Search Testimonials

“Using a thorough investigation of family documents, genealogy records and on-line databases, Laurie combined this with her remarkably strong interviewing skills.  She delivered – over and over – the insightful but candid information which is critical to a quality genealogy search.”
Lois Pearson

“Laurie is an excellent researcher with an uncanny knack for uncovering intriguing family histories and long-lost family links.  Her exhaustive knowledge of genealogy records and her strong analysis skills enabled her to deliver way more than was asked and expected.”
James Swartz

“While away on a business trip, I engaged Laurie’s services to document that I’m a Daughter of the American Revolution.  I wanted to apply for official membership, and the paperwork and genealogy records required are exhaustive.  Not only did Laurie do all the research and produce the necessary documents, she also went a step further and did a genealogy search which led to the discovery that I am descended from the original Mayflower passengers.  It was electrifying to find out my ancestors founded America and fought for its freedoms.  Call today. . . . Who knows what she’ll find for you!”
Dawn Lake

“Laurie’s dogged research skills produced a whole other branch of the family in Nebraska which had split off from our original family in Illinois during my great grandfather’s time.  Her genealogy search produced cousins who I traveled to visit, and who I am still in contact with.  I was the only one in the family who had red hair, and grew up with jokes about “the milkman” – when I went to Nebraska, I found about 3 red-haired cousins!”
Tom Butler

“We used Laurie’s services to translate various documents into Italian and we were very satisfied and happy with her work. She was quick to complete the project and very thorough and detailed with her translation work. We fully recommend her and look forward to working with her a lot more!”
Joseph B. Shumway, AG, ProGenealogists, Inc.

Please contact me today to start your genealogy search, and to schedule a preliminary consultation.  I look forward to helping you uncover your family’s secrets and find family genealogy records.

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